Make a Game of That is a blog dealing with the intricacies and ambiguities of games design and games theory. While it will often touch upon the same sorts of things as typical game design discussion and analysis, much of the content will be reaching outside this area and into social, psychological and cultural constructs and their influence on game design.

Stefan Barton-Ross is an Australian game designer & scholar. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Games and interactivity with honours and has been pondering the deeper mysteries of the ludic since he was old enough to angrily complain that pass the parcel wasn’t balanced. His design interests cover everything from tabletop wargaming to interactive learning experiences for developing societies, with a healthy dose of plain old videogame design mixed in for good measure

You can contact him at if you have any comments or thoughts on the blog, or wish to write a guest article within the rather broad portfolio of Make a Game of That.


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  1. dryzzen011

    July 15, 2013 at 5:31 pm

    hey can u shoot me a email at:

    I would like to post your article about league of legends card game that you have. Let me know if it will be alright If I did. I can link it to your blog also. I get between 300 to 500 views a day.

    thanks .


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